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Fabrication & Machine Shop


​Man of Steel of Louisiana has been in the steel fabrication and machine shop business for the past 8 years and is backed by my 28 years personal experience in the fabrication industry, as well as my team's cumulative 90 years of experience. Our knowledgeable staff is uniquely qualified to take your project from design to completion. Our experience in fabricating and machining provides us with the ability to understand your application and to work with you to recommend the most cost effective fabrication and machining method.


Our staff is well qualified and able to make field drawings as required by our clients to insure all fabrication and machine work is concise and accurate. 


Listed below is a short summary of the projects we have handled in the past:


  • Structural 

  • Platform & Ladders

  • Misc. Fabrication 

  • Pipe Supports

  • Duct Work

  • Machine Parts

  • Angle Rolling 

  • Plate Bending

  • Pump Bases

  • Deflector Vanes

  • Dampers for Boilers

  • Damper Control Arms

  • Replacement Nozzels 

  • Orifice Plates 

  • High Strength Skillet Blinds 

  • Steam Drum Internals

  • Pipe Spools

  • Wind Box Splitters

  • Heat Shileds 

  • Painting Services Avalable

  • Sand Blasting Paint

  • Powder Coat

  • All Welding Is Done By Certified Welders


We are looking forward to working with you in the near future, below are just a few of the clients we work with now.


• Nalco

• Targa Resources

• Cornerstone Chemical Company

• Entergy

• United States Marine Inc.

• Rain CII Carbon

• Boasso America

• Cajun IDC Construction

• Excel Construction

• Barriere Construction

• Universal Plant Services

• RES Contractors

• Picou-Fradella Construction

• White Spunner Construction, Inc.

These are some of the alloys we commonly fabricate with.

• Aluminum

• Stainless Steel

• Titanium

• Hastelloy

• Monel

• Zirconium

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